Joao Félix's attitude with Portugal, which Simeone wants to transfer to Atlético

Diego Pablo Simeone wait to Joao Felix take another step, step forward. The player was the best of the

Atlético de Madrid
in the first two games, against Pomegranate and the Huesca, but against him Villarreal it was completely annulled by the rojiblanco rival.

He Cholo asked that transfer to the rojiblanco team “the commitment, the intention and the illusion for what the team needed” that he demonstrated with the Portuguese team.

While pointing to the substitution in VigoAfter his return with the Portuguese team and his reincorporation this Friday to training with the rest of the team, his position in the band with the national team of his country was the reason for two questions at the press conference of Simeone… And an apparent message, though Simeone He proclaimed him before as a “very important player” for the team.

“I watched the games he played with his national team and I liked him for his work towards what the team needed. We know that talent has it and that at some point in the game it may appear. That step that I thought I saw in Portugal, showing commitment, intention and enthusiasm for what the team needed, speaks highly of it. And we also need that with us ”, expressed the Argentine coach during his telematic appearance.

The question was about his position in a band and if that location, which he has already played at Atlético at the beginning of last season, may be an option to reunite Diego Costa, Luis Suárez and Joao in the starting lineups. “Where we can put him will surely give us important things when he is at his best,” had begun his response.

“He can play in the four places above, on the right or on the left, he falls a lot for that place, because he likes to start from there, and having two forwards like Coast Y Suarez
Obviously he has more chances to pass, beyond obviously having to defend with another structure that supports this possibility ”, he concluded on the location of the Portuguese attacker.

Before, SimeoneWhen he was questioned about the variety of positions that some footballers can play, he had already expressed an idea in the same vein: “When a footballer plays where he feels most comfortable, he feels better. The important thing is to see if that comfort benefits the most important thing, which is the team; We seek to find the best for what is most important, the team ”.