It is in the background due to the undisputed ownership of Courtois, but Alphonse Areola will follow covering the Belgian's backs until the end of the season. Technically, the French goalkeeper would have to disassociate himself from Madrid today after reaching the end of his assignment contract (June 30) as a Real Madrid player, but the three parties (Madrid, PSG and Areola) reached an agreement to extend the loan until the end of this atypical season. A measure that aligns with what Madrid has done in turn with its battalion on loan at other clubs (Ceballos, Achraf, Reguilón …) and that avoids conflicts between the entities.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

Areola has not played since the elimination in Copa del Rey (February 6) but he has been aware of his role as a squire, to the tranquility of a Zidane who will be able to maintain his goalkeeper structure, with Altube as the third goalkeeper. PSG, which has Areola under contract until 2023 and he has finished Ligue 1 but he is still pending the Champions League where he is classified for the quarterfinals, he did not want to be a stumbling block and couldn't have enrolled him either.

The entity's bet is Lunin

Madrid will not have to change anything, therefore, until next season. There the preponderance will have it Andriy Lunin (21 years). As reported by AS, in the entity's plans is that the next substitute goalkeeper is the ukrainian. By future projection and by economy. Zidane is happy with the role in the shadow of Areola, but his record is superior to that of Lunin and also, to keep it, the entity of Concha Espina would have to pay a transfer. A luxury in a covered position.


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