He Girona has returned to the old ways. The team of Pep Lluís Martí He returned to give a lime after having won Numancia during the week in Montilivi and lost a momentous match at La Rosaleda against Málaga (2-0).

“The team also has to win away from home, it is the pending issue that we have for the games that are coming now,” said Girona's Balearic coach Pep Lluís Martí, who, annoyed, acknowledged that they feel “a little harmed by the expulsion ” of Cristhian Rivera in the twenty minute of the game, just before conceding the first goal.

About the meeting, Martí wants to stay positive, if there is anything. “The team has soon been left with one less footballer and has not dropped his arms, we had started very well and this has conditioned us too much,” he said, before insisting, as always, that he is “convinced” that he will achieve the objective.

Granell recognizes the importance of defeat

It has been a “very hard, very hard” defeat, he sentenced Àlex Granell as soon as the match at La Rosaleda was over. We came from a key victory and we were very excited to achieve such an important victory. The expulsion has conditioned us a lot and they have condemned us in an error, ”said the captain of the Girona.

The left-hander, who equaled Migue As a footballer with more games wearing the red and white shirt, he said that “now there are no excuses, we can only think positive and focus on what is coming.” “We have the illusion of being in promotional positions and this has to focus on the objective,” he concluded.

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