Dani Martin: He had a bad start in the final stretch of the crash that put the score in danger. He solved the rest of the work he had without problems.

Ivan Calero: He returned to eleven almost a year later and, although he accused the lack of filming, he passed the exam.

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Juande: He had several providential interventions and was very confident during the 90 minutes, he was the best of the blue and white defense.

Peybernes: He measured badly in a couple of actions during the first half, then he got intoned and ended up with a quite acceptable game.

Javi Jiménez: They disallowed a goal for offside before the 3rd minute. Then he looked better and looser in attack than in defense. He suffered in the end after Mellot’s entry.

Genaro: Good game for the pivot, who saw the fifth yellow and will have to serve a sanction against Las Palmas.

Escassi: He completed another great game at home. It was the support that kept Málaga firm in the midfield.

Paulino: He always made an effort and offered himself, but it was not his most inspired match.

Jozabed: José Alberto has achieved a great involvement of the midfielder, although it was difficult for him to connect with Roberto.

Brandon: He caused the penalty, made it 1-0 and had the second before the break, but Sergio González took his header from under the sticks. In addition, he left his soul, as always, on the grass.

Roberto: To this day, he is ahead of Sekou out of full merit. He plays the game very well, gives the team a start and works hard. He had a head chance in the first half.

Ramon: He came in to reinforce the center of the field and bring greater control to the Blue and White game.

Sekou: He hardly had a chance to participate, but he won a couple of balls that gave the team a lot of oxygen in the final minutes.

Kevin: He did not have a chance to be seen in the little more than ten minutes he was on the grass.

Antoñín: No time.