Cervera's sanction continues to make people talk. After approving Competition a four-game sanction for the Cádiz coach just two days ago, tohour Appeal suspends this decision provisionally after the club has presented an appeal to defend their own interests. This implies that Cervera will be able to direct his own on Sunday against Real Sociedad.

Cadiz Shield / Flag

This was announced by the club through a brief statement: “The RFEF Appeal Committee has considered the request presented by the Cádiz Football Club to sanction four games, filed last Wednesday by the Competition Committee, and has agreed to provisionally suspend the sanction of suspension of four games “.

This news throws some hope both to the club, to Álvaro Cervera himself and to Cadismo, which still does not see this sanction fair. The coach showed his dissatisfaction with a referee decision by Alberola Rojas after Cádiz – Granada. Those words of the technician stating that “has no other explanation than not wanting to whistle the penalty“will be difficult to forget.

Finally, and after speaking Appeal, Álvaro Cervera will be able to direct his team from Carranza's bench on Sunday against Real Sociedad. To know if the coach will have to comply with any sanction, we will still have to wait.

The clamorous penalty not called that October 4 will continue to give people talking …


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