Antonio Rüdiger: “The most important thing for me are values”


The German international defender of Real Madrid Antonio Rüdiger highlighted the importance of the “values” that have brought him to the elite of world football, and that he shares with the multinational sports equipment Under Armor, to which he has joined driven by the beliefs and principles that it shares with the brand.

“The most important thing to me is the values. It is these values ​​that made it very easy for me to choose Under Armor, as they understand not only what players endure during the game, but how competitors are born and raised behind the scenes” said Rüdiger, who is wearing the Under Armor Clone Magnetico Pro 2 boots.

Under Armor strives to work with athletes who exemplify “grit,” “courage” and “sacrifice” to rise to the top of their sports, said Kara Trent, Under Armour’s senior vice president and general manager, EMEA.

“Toni embodies our values ​​and we are delighted to add him to our team as we look to engage with young team sports athletes in soccer. He has an incredible story, and his experiences explain why he is so tenacious every time he takes the field. and gives everything for his team and their success,” added Trent.

From playing on the cement pitches in the Neukölln neighborhood of Berlin, where the ground was so hard that holes grew in the soles of his shoes, to the grass of the Santiago Bernabéu, Rüdiger’s journey is different.

His mother was a refugee from the civil war in Sierra Leone and he grew up in a largely immigrant neighborhood in the German capital. As Rüdiger confessed, his football adventure did not consist of having expensive cars, big houses and playing in the Champions League, but in getting his family out of Neukölln.

Rüdiger shared in Madrid the moments that shaped his career and that made him a tough athlete and an inspiring leader. The result is the video ‘Unboxed’ in which Rüdiger speaks intimately about a series of objects and images that show the people, places and objects that shaped him into the player and person he is today.

From old family photos and memorabilia from his tough upbringing in Neukölln, to the face mask that has already represented him due to his frequent use in recent years, Rüdiger describes in detail the experiences that explain why he plays each game as if it were his last, with the intensity that earned him the nickname ‘Rambo’ as a child.

Rüdiger can also be seen reacting to his Champions League medal and Under Armor Clone Magnetico Pro 2 boots emblazoned with the flags of the two countries that represent his heritage: Sierra Leone and Germany.

Rüdiger will try to expand his record this season, in which he will play the Copa del Rey final against Osasuna on May 6 and this Wednesday he will play the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinal against Chelsea.