Lucía Etxebarría’s theory about Ana Obregón’s granddaughter and the surrogate mother: “They look alike”

almost a week after Ana Obregon sold the birth of her daughter-granddaughter by surrogate pregnancy in an exclusive, new opinions continue to arrive about the decision of the actress and the little girl Ana Sandra Lequio Obregónwhich is already three weeks old.

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One of the last to speak out on the matter has been the writer Lucia Etxebarria: “A few days ago someone, in this same profile, told the story of a woman who had undergone in vitro insemination with another person’s ovum, with the idea that this would prevent the transmission of a genetic disease. But her baby He was born with this genetic disease. With the genetic disease of the surrogate mother and not of the one who donated the egg,” he wrote this Monday at the beginning of his post.

And she continued with other similar cases that, according to her, would have occurred: “In the same way, babies have appeared who are born with a spot on the skin that the pregnant mother had. And babies who are born with black eyes even though the father has black eyes. blue and the egg donor also has blue eyes. But the pregnant woman had black eyes.

Etxebarría, who always generates controversy and debate on social networks, drew his own conclusion: “At first glance it seems that Ana Obregón’s granddaughter resembles her surrogate mother. We will know better when we see the christening exclusive – which has already been sold to Hola – and let’s see that baby with a little more age”. After speaking in the same post about Darwin’s theory of evolution and Lamarck’s paradigm, he pronounces his sentence: “It is an exciting subject and it would make for a video”.

On the comment wall, the former contestant of come have dinner with me received comments for all tastes. Some against her theory: “As a biologist, Lucía would ask you not to be ridiculous anymore. Out of respect for you”, “The worst thing is that people follow you will believe the atrocities that you write that have no scientific basis . Overnight you are a specialist in everything. And that’s how people are misinformed, with atrocities like these. A shame” or “And what about dogs looking like their owners? Because that’s my theory “.

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Others were in favor: “The pregnant mother is not an oven that makes pizzas. She transmits to the baby all kinds of ‘content’ that is in her. Is it so difficult to understand? Video, please” or “Epigenetics is a fascinating field.” Some users also criticized her for showing the face of little Anita (exposed by her grandmother in Hola) and the pregnant mother (who was photographed in Lectures): “It seems fatal to me that you publish the images of this woman who is anonymous no matter how much a magazine has betrayed her. And seeing a resemblance between a days-old baby and some unfortunate and treasonous photos is ridiculous.”