Antonio David and Olga Moreno, shouting in the garage of their house in Malaga: problems in paradise

We have been warning for months: all that glitters is not gold. They put on a brave face and strive to keep up appearances, but the relationship between the former civil guard and the mother of his young daughter has deteriorated to the point of public anger. It happened in Malaga: “There was a very big scene in the garage of the house with Antonio David and Rocío Flores reproaching Olga Moreno for certain things.”

Belén Esteban told it this Friday in It’s not like we were shhh. It must be remembered that Agustín EtienneOlga Moreno’s boyfriend, is the representative of the town’s princess and they have common friends: “I have my sources and I assure you, Olga is not having a good time. Antonio David, he is not making it easy for her”, said the talk show host. “She has her partner in Madrid. She lives with him but she goes to Malaga when she gets the girl. But she also wants to bring the girl on vacation, Easter, weekends… And there they have problems “. Belén revealed: “There was a very big scene in the garage of the house with Antonio David and Rocío Flores reproaching Olga Moreno that she was not going to bring the girl to Madrid.”

The one from Paracuellos does not feel much sympathy for Olga Moreno but on this occasion she has stood up for her: “It seems very bad to me. She has every right to rebuild her life, at least she didn’t cheat on him”. Of course, he reproaches her for defending a lie for years: “Olga sold us a happy family that did not exist.”

We already announced last April that the distance between Antonio David Flores and Olga Moreno was increasing. He got very angry with his ex when he found out that she had started dating Agustín. And not only him, but also his daughter Rocío. They saw it as a betrayal. David was no longer with Olga, in fact he walked hand in hand with Marta Riesco, but for the Sevillian to rebuild her life and, on top of it, leave her with one of her few friends, seemed like a stab in the back. In fact, she never wanted anything to do with Etienne again and broke off her professional relationship with him. Since then the bite has been constant and although Antonio David has tried to regain some contact with Olga, She doesn’t trust either: “Olga has always believed that Antonio David was behind the photographs in which they could be seen together, implying that they had had a date. Especially in the ones in which they both appeared on a terrace of a bar in Seville having a few beers,” assured Informalia a person Olga trusts. “They never have guards or press behind them because they are banned from TV and their photos are no longer of interest to magazines. However, twice they have had to meet and twice they have been caught. That surprised us all “.

Now, Olga returns to the front line. His signing for Survivors All Stars As the winner of its edition, it marks its television reappearance after the famous documentary by Rocío Carrasco. Mediaset has lifted its veto and that has not pleased either her ex or Rocío Flores, who have had to find a life away from the sets in the last two years.