Anabel Pantoja reappears with her pregnancy in Almería to accompany her aunt Isabel at her concert

After all of Spain found out, thanks to the exclusive that she sold at a price of gold, that she is expecting her first child with David Rodríguez, Anabel Pantoja has been seen in front of the cameras in Almería. Kiko Rivera’s cousin arrived early this Saturday to accompany her aunt, Isabel Pantoja, in the concert he will offer tonight and has faced the latest controversies with Mariló de la Rubia.

As we have learned this week, Agustín Pantoja has decided to break all ties with Mariló and her family to prevent them from hogging the headlines in the press and not his sister for this 50-year tour that he is carrying out.

Anabel was very friendly with the press when she congratulated her on her pregnancy: “Thank you very much,” she assured us that she is handling it “well, very well” and that her partner David is very excited: “Yes.”

Regarding how she handled the first weeks of pregnancy, her niece explained to us that “everything was very good” and avoided giving more details, excusing herself by saying that “I got up at five in the morning and my body is here, but my head is not there.” “.

However, Anabel’s friendly tone changed as soon as she was asked about Mariló’s controversies and she sighed when she was told about the bad vibes that would exist between them because of her uncle Agustín. Furthermore, she remained silent when she was informed that her cousin Isa had assured her that it would hurt her if her mother had dealings with the baby she was expecting and not with her son.