Carlos Sobera sends a loving congratulatory message to Anabel Pantoja on her pregnancy

The news of Anabel Pantoja’s pregnancy is undoubtedly the most surprising of the week and since last Tuesday – when Lecturas magazine revealed the exclusive – there have only been reactions from her closest people.

This Friday we were able to talk to Carlos Sobera and ask him about it since he has shared a set with Isabel Pantoja’s niece on many occasions and knows, in advance, that one of her main wishes was to be a mother. Carlos took advantage of our cameras to wish her the best because “I haven’t congratulated her” and he claimed to be “very happy for her because it was a wish that she had deeply internalized, because it also means that she has also found love. In other words, she has to be plethoric”.

With the friendliness that has always characterized him, the presenter sent a message to the influencer: “Congratulations, Anabel! I take this opportunity to congratulate you. In case you hear this cut, just know that I am very happy that you are happy.”

In addition, Sobera also wanted to talk to us about how complicated it has been to be on a set with Ángel Cristo Jr because “we don’t know how Ángel will ever respond, because he is unpredictable so he can be super mega nice or he can be angry, it depends a little on what what happened to him, how he interpreted it, but well, it’s part of the game too.

Despite these uncomfortable situations, the presenter confessed to us that “in the end we have to understand that all of them, including Ángel, are having a bad time because they are far from their home, they are hungry, they are cold, they are hot, they are bitten by mosquitoes, it is Everything happens to them and they go crazy, it’s like when you have a hormonal change and you go crazy, this is exactly the same, then it goes away.”