Antonio Arenas: “Working with Alex does not impose, it is fortunate”

Eurosport has turned to the US Open thanks to its team of commentators. Antonio Arenas next to Alex Corretja, Anabel Medina and a wide range of tennis experts tell the spectators everything that happens on the courts of New York. Arenas is the special envoy to tournaments But now, their day-to-day lives are far from what they used to do before the COVID-19 crisis unfolded.

How was your routine in the tournaments before the break?

My day-to-day life consisted of going from track to track, interviewing all the Spanish players, making live connections and bringing every detail of the Grand Slam to Spain. This year due to the very special circumstances we have not been allowed to travel and we do the interviews virtually. It's a shame but hopefully this situation will last a short time.

Does it impose working with a former tennis player like Alex Corretja?

Working with Alex is not imposing, it is fortunate because I learn a lot. I always say that he is the best disseminator of our sport. For me there are three great athletes, Pedro de la Rosa, Perico Delgado and Alex Corretja, who are the three best disseminators of their respective sports. With Alex I am fortunate to be in tournaments, comment, narrate, we practically live side by side 12 hours a day. In addition, we have something very special about Eurosport that people notice, and that is that we had a great time.

How do you conceive a good journalist-athlete relationship?

Every sport is different. The world of football is more closed, perhaps more difficult to maintain a close relationship with the player, but in my case, being one of the few journalists who travels to the Grand Slam, I have a very close relationship with them. That does not mean that we are all professionals when it comes to addressing interviews, reports, analyzes. And well, it also has a lot to do with the fact that at Eurosport we are not a television that seeks controversy. We are a television very focused on sports.

Nadal and Federer have been missing at the US Open, is it a determining factor for the Grand Slam winner?

I believe that whoever wins the tournament will be well deserved and will be remembered as a Grand Slam champion. It is a very good opportunity.

Everyone talks about Carlos Alcaraz, what do you think of the young promise?

He caught the break and even so he has gradually played tournaments, challengers, and is going to play the Roland Garros preliminary draw. He is already positioned in a very good situation, but I also ask for calm from all the people who have begun to talk about “the new Nadal”, we must let him make his way, his life, his rhythm.

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Antonio Arenas and Alex Corretja.