The big leagues are preparing to play in the coming months without spectators in the stands, but that does not mean that there will be no atmosphere. Technology can do it. The German computer company Herzenswerk is already working on the commercialization of the application, thanks to which Fans who are watching the game on television can interact in real time with the stadium's public address system. Only the subscribers of the local team may activate any of the four options (applause, whistles, preset chants or goal celebration) And, logically, the sound will come out louder from the speakers the more fans press the button.

Viktor Mraz, the developer of the project, has already met with several Bundesliga clubs that are receptive to installing this remote environment. However, it must still be accepted by the German Football Federation (DFB). The creators of selected PSD Bank Arena, headquarters of FSV Frankfurt, as the test stage for the live demo.

And while deciding whether to install this revolutionary invention, what is already approved is the initiative of the fans of the Colonia, that they will 'sit' in their stands life-size photographs of those partners who want to “accompany” their players, upon payment of 19 euros. About 6,000 “tickets” have already been reserved.


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