the niece of Isabel Pantoja he is reluctant to cancel his tour of the world. After Seville, Ibiza, Egypt and New York, Anabel He has fulfilled his dream of knowing Mexico. However, the trip is not as idyllic as she expected.

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The ex-wife of Omar Sanchez has suffered a health mishap upon arrival in the Aztec country. “Well, yes, my body did not give for more last night and here I find myself with a fever, a bad body, vomiting and a cough. Three years waiting for this moment to enjoy the margaritas …”, Anabel Pantoja lamented on the Instagram profile of she.

Something that has also happened to her boyfriend, Yulen Pereira. “I know that I have been disconnected from the networks for a couple of days, without uploading anything, without saying anything and it is really because I have had a few days of ups and downs, with fever, with chills, bad body. I did not feel like uploading anything nor did I really feel completely good for climbing things,” wrote the fencer.

Of course, although the lovebirds are still convalescing, they have not wanted to miss anything in Cancun and have gotten out of bed to pose together before the spectacular sunset of that paradisiacal destination. Apparently, things between the two are going great after leaving survivors.