New data on Kate Middleton’s health status: the Princess of Wales will undergo surgery again, according to Concha Calleja

2024 is being a very complicated year for the British royal family due to the cancer they suffer from so many Charles III as Kate Middleton. While the king, 75, has resumed his schedule and looks good in his public appearances, the Princess of Wales remains withdrawn from her public commitments and is focused on her recovery.

Given this situation, it came to light this Sunday that Kate Middleton will have to undergo another intervention before the end of the year. Likewise, they have revealed that she will finish her treatment next August.

I would like to tell you that the worst is over, but it is not true. The treatment does not finish until the month of August. He will have to undergo another surgical intervention before the end of the year. I think that for the moment we are not going to see her, at least not until she is much more recovered.“, Has revealed Concha Calleja from Fiesta.

It should be remembered that, on January 17, Kensington Palace announced that Kate had been admitted to undergo planned abdominal surgery. Without going into details, they indicated that she would be hospitalized for between 10 and 14 days, as well as away from her duties until next Easter.

This new information about the delicate state of health of the Princess of Wales comes after the statement issued by the British royal house last Thursday, where they indicated that they have been forced to cancel their public agenda until after July 4.

This ‘in extremis’ stoppage of the British Royal House is due to the early elections of the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak. Buckingham Palace reported that they have suspended their institutional commitments so as not to divert focus from the electoral campaign.