Pablo Urdangarin’s video call with his girlfriend Johanna Zott after his last game

The relationship of Pablo Urdangarin con Johanna Zott It’s going from strength to strength. The son of Infanta Cristina, who played this Saturday the last league game with her Fraikin Granollers team, was supported by the young woman’s family.

After getting third place in the league, Pablo approached the stands where Johanna’s family was and gave his girlfriend’s father a big hug. Likewise, Pablo Urdangarin, as correct as always in his public appearances, greeted his sister and mother Johanna Zott with a couple of kisses.

The most significant moment came when Johanna’s father called his daughter by video call and handed the phone to Pablo. With some difficulty due to the noise in the pavilion, the two lovebirds exchanged a few words.

In this way, it is reflected how affectionate the grandson of King Juan Carlos I is with his girl’s family and, above all, the good relationship that the young people have. Johanna, a student in her final year of Medicine in Barcelona, ​​moved to the German city of Munich last October with an Erasmus scholarship. Pablo and Johanna met when they were both studying at the French Lyceum in Barcelona. Over time they met again and love arose.