Ana Rosa signs Manuel Díaz El Cordobés, who will be a partner of her ex Vicky Martín Berrocal in TardeAr

At 55 years old and after more than three decades risking his life in the bullrings, Manuel Diaz El Cordobes announced that this 2023 is the year of his retirement. the husband of Virginia Troconis (43) however, he does not abandon public life or the media spotlight.

Ana Rosa Quintana He has signed him as a collaborator of his new program, where his ex-wife and mother of his daughter Alba will also be, Vicky Martin Berrocal (50), as we announced for the first time last week, when we also counted the incorporation of Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo to the new evening magazine that will fill the gap left by Sálvame after fourteen years on the air, once Así es la vida, the program that Sandra Barneda has presented this summer.

El Cordobés follows the media trail of other bullfighters such as Francisco Rivera o Jesulin de Ubrique who alternate or replace their activity in the squares with their presence in the media.

With this signing we see that Ana Rosa has a married couple like the singer Olvido Gara and her husband, and also with two divorcees, since the designer and the son of El Cordobés were married for four years, between 1997 and 2001. The result of that relationship was born Alba Díaz. Later, Díaz began another relationship with the Venezuelan Virginia Troconis, mother of the other two children of the Madrid right-hander, with whom he has been with for more than 20 years.

El Cordobés, leaves the ring 30 years after taking the alternative. But the bullfighter already has a new place and now he will have to fight with the present, although we do not know if he will coincide on the set with his ex and new co-worker on the set of Ana Rosa Quintana in Telecinco.

As Informalia has learned exclusively, the bullfighter will be part of the team of collaborators that will accompany the presenter who has left the mornings.

What is most striking is that meeting with his Vicky, the mother of his daughter Alba, with whom he has always boasted of having a very good relationship. Both separated four years after getting married, and despite everything, they have always kept in touch, because the love between them has remained intact. In fact, a few months ago, when Manuel decided to confess to the press that he had finally been able to meet and hug his father, Manuel Benítez el Cordobés, the daughter of the bullfighting businessman José Luis Martín Berrocal was as happy as the most. In addition, the designer from Huelva gets along wonderfully with Manuel’s current wife, Virginia Troconis.

First interview

For his presentation on the evening program of Ana Rose, El Cordobés is scheduled to offer his first interview on television after that reconciliation because up to now he has not wanted to speak except at a press conference he offered when collecting an award, in which he was with his father. This will be the first time that we hear him confess how that moment arose, where and when they met, what they talked about and how that relationship between father and son has developed. Later, one day a week will be added to the current gathering. Grace and spontaneity abound.

Ana Rosa Quintana The new afternoon space will shortly be released, which will mix entertainment and current affairs, although it will also address political issues, as she herself explained last July. The idea was to start on September 25, but the poor audience data from Mediaset and that its competition begins this Monday the 4th, led the chain to decide that it will advance to the 18th. However, Telecinco sources slip to Informalia that It should not be ruled out that it would finally start on Monday the 11th.

In addition to the heart and political news, event information will have a great weight in the program. For this, Ana Rosa has taken Manu Marlasca, until now head of Investigation of La Sexta and collaborator of Better late.

Along with the presenter will be Antonio Hidalgo “trying to make the public laugh”, as he himself has confirmed, and Miguel Ángel Nicolás, who has worked with Quintana throughout his television period. We have also been able to learn that he will reinforce his heart section with Leticia Requejo and some of the collaborators of Joaquín’s program, Let’s see, who are his stalwarts such as Paloma Barrientos, Antonio Rossi, Marisa Martín-Blázquez or Sandra Aladro.