Infanta Sofía, with her backpack ready: classes start at St. Donat’s Castle

Sofia starts classes at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales. She traveled to the United Kingdom on August 29 and this Tuesday, September 5, the classrooms open. It is the official date of the beginning of the course. A new stage begins in the international training of Leonor’s sister, where she will strengthen skills such as independence and autonomy, which will help her grow into maturity. The princess has been her best mentor, with whom she has been able to share experiences and experiences after she passed through this center of the United World Colleges network. She will also have narrated anecdotes about her, her day-to-day in the classroom, volunteer work for the community and her adaptation to the menus of the Castle of St. Donat’s.

Accustomed to the very careful, varied and balanced diet of Zarzuela, the youngest daughter of the Kings must adapt to the food of Wales. It seems that the dishes at St. Donat’s are not going to pose any stumbling blocks, since Sofía is more open than Leonor to trying new flavors, according to El Confidencial Digital, citing sources from the environment.

Among the options are salads, Italian food, such as pizzas and pasta with vegetables; falafel, a kind of veggie croquette of chickpeas and broad beans, and vegetable tempura. There are also British dishes, such as the mythical fish and chips and the breakfasts with beans and toasts. More foods: burgers, pita flatbread or tortillas with tacos; legumes, such as chickpeas, and avocado. This can be seen in the Instagram profile of acsbasicburritos. Let us remember that the school welcomes students of more than 70 nationalities, which implies that they try the different cuisines of the world.