Ana Rosa celebrates the party of her production company supported by the bosses of Mediaset: “I am brave”

The CEO and the president of Mediaset attended the spring party this Friday, an event organized by Unicorn Content, the producer of Ana Rosa Quintana. Alessandro Salem y Borja Prado supported with their presence the journalist for whom the chain has opted, placing her in the afternoons to replace Save me and keeping her in her morning political gatherings. Nor was it missing Massimo Musolinothe other CEO, Managing Director of Telecinco, although the money lord came after dinner.

The party, reserved for employees of the production company and the Mediaset area, was the ideal setting for the president and CEO of the company to bury their differences, at least for a few hours.

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This Friday both fraternized with the Unicorn team and supported Ana Rosa Quintana, the one in charge of replacing Save me and its string of presenters and commentators at the turn of the summer. Next Monday, June 26, a program presented by Sandra Barneda and produced by Cuarzo (the program of the tv factory ends 23) will defend the afternoons of the most important Mediaset chain until the landing of Ana Rosa.

This Friday’s event took place at La borda del mentidero and presenters, members of the audience, producers, camera managers and other professionals who work in one way or another in one of the programs produced by Unicorn Content, such as The AR Program, Party, Four A Day, It is already Mediodía or the future Telecinco afternoon space, which does not yet exist but to which Ana Rosa referred.

Happy for her good health, Ana Rosa confessed to us that she is in better health: “I’m already perfect, they are normal check-ups, what happens is that once a year, which coincides with my operation, they are a little more intense, but I have it every three months and I stick to it to the letter,” he told us.

The presenter, meeting with great faces of communication, did tell us that she rules out that her children will inherit her profession: “I don’t know, I think they are more on their father’s side than mine” and defended that he prefers to support them in their decisions and transmit the values ​​of respect and tolerance: “Each one has their qualities and you have to let them manage themselves. I think that in that I am enough that each one go to study what gives them the win and do what you want as long as we live as a family and it is tolerance, respect and support”.

After finding out that she will take charge of Telecinco’s afternoons from September, Ana Rosa has confessed to us that she has not yet thought about the program since she first wants to “finish this course and little by little,” she said. “There are four months left and in four months we still have to work on the project,” she added.

Finally, the communicator revealed to us that this project has been quite a surprise for her since he had not thought of getting involved in something so big: “Well, look, I was not thinking of starting any new challenge at this point, but in the end, the same thing has always happened to me in my life: that I am curious and I am brave”.

Joaquín Prat

Alessandro Lequio

Antonio Rossi and Sandra Aladro

Patricia Pardo

Other familiar faces from Unicorn have also attended the party, such as Emma Garcia y Alexandra Rubio (of Fiesta) o Cristina Tarregawhich premieres the program on the Italian channel in a few weeks.