The confirmation ceremony of the infanta Sofia This past Thursday he brought together in the Madrid parish of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, in Aravaca, most of the Borbón, Ortiz and Rocasolano family, but not all.

The infanta’s maternal grandparents attended with their partners. jesus ortiz he was with his wife Ana Togores, y Rock Dove she invited her boyfriend, the nigerian Marcus Tokuaboh Brandler. was the Queen Sofia but without Don Juan Carlos who did not return for the occasion since his retirement in the Persian Gulf. We understand that regattas are more important.

Jesús Ortiz and Paloma Rocasolano are also maternal grandparents of their other granddaughter: Carla Vigo, first cousin of the daughters of kings, daughter of the deceased Erika Ortiz. Why wasn’t she there?

It is true that Leonor and Sofía have other equally close cousins, such as the children of the Infanta Cristina, but these young people do not live in Madrid. As neither Felipe Marichalar, who works in Abu Dhabi, close to his maternal grandfather. And The Life of Victoria Federica runs far from the tone required by the Royal Family. Her traveling adventures around the world, posing in a bikini in the Caribbean, her addiction to advertising brands and the clamorous absence of the classes where she theoretically continues to study, are not the best image of her to appear with the real cousins. of her, so exemplary and prudent.

Below, Letizia, with her nieces Carla Vigo and Victoria de Marichalar, on their wedding day, 19 years ago.

Carla Vigo is something else. She is a 22-year-old girl who tragically lost her mother when she was only 7 years old. She wanted to be a dancer, she tried to be an actress, she fell in love with a boyfriend who apparently didn’t have much consideration for her. Everything went wrong for him. Currently, she lives there with friends in a shared apartment, after a few months with psychological health problems that forced her to enter a specialized clinic. “There is no health without mental health,” her aunt used to say. queen letiziaquite rightly, during his speech at the summit of Madrid, two weeks ago.

Carla Vigo was in therapy and then worked

Carla is the one most in need of help, protection, company and support from her family. However, she has rarely been seen with her maternal family. Having lunch with her grandmother Paloma Rocasolano and taking a walk through Madrid with Jesús Ortiz, little else, but never with Letizia, her mother’s sister. Never with her cousins ​​Leonor and Sofía. Those photos have never been published, perhaps because they were never taken. Is there too much contrast between the impeccable and glamorous royal princesses and the girl from the neighborhood who dresses in cheap brands that do not appear on the catwalks?

On her social networks, Carla Vigo sometimes sends messages of loneliness and pessimism that worry those who love her. Where was Carla Vigo, while her grandparents, her aunt and her cousins ​​posed together after the confirmation and later had lunch with Queen Sofía?

Carla was in therapy, like every day, say close friends. It is also true that the appointment time could have been changed, for such a family event. And why was she not invited to the later meal? It is that she had to go to her work, add our sources. “Carla works as an entertainer at children’s birthdays and celebrations,” they explained to us. But not at mealtime, we think. “There is a heaven that will be my home,” Carla wrote a few days ago on her Instagram profile. Only she knows what her message means.