Every Wednesday, Antena 3 viewers look forward to discovering which celebrities are behind the masks of Mask Singer. The surprise is greater in some viewers than in others, especially if someone who knows the contestant very well is on the other side of the screen.

It is the case of Alba Carrillowho has reacted with humor to the participation of her ex-husband, Feliciano Lopezon the Atresmedia entertainment program: “I saw him. I didn’t know he was going to go because I don’t deal with him and my opinion about his show is that I liked it,” he said Thursday on his Instagram account.

The former collaborator of Telecinco, who has been able to comment on the competition gala because Mediaset put her out on the street in April, positively assessed her performance, although she added with a certain sarcasm: “I thought it was the most fun I’ve ever seen him do to the creature. He must have made a superhuman effort and he should not have even slept the day before.

The model turned influencer did not miss a single detail of the performance: “But yes, he did it well, things as they are to be an athlete who has not sung or done those things because I saw it funny.” And she ended with a funny dart: “Didn’t we end up working together in the end?

Alba and Feliciano, who were married between 2015 and 2016, ended up like the rosary of dawn. The former tennis player, who announced his withdrawal on December 31 of last year, recovered the illusion of love with the young model Sandra Gago. Married since 2019, they have formed a beautiful family with the little dariowho was born in 2021. Alba, for her part, does maintain a good relationship with another of her exes, fonsi grandsonthe father of her son, Lucas. After Feliciano, the journalist came into his life Santi Burgoawho has been in a relationship with the actress for a few months Vanessa Romero.