Chus Mateo, on the ‘field factor’: “It’s not worth anything if you don’t win the title”


The Real Madrid coach, Chus Mateo, congratulated his players for achieving the “goal” of the home field factor in the Euroleague ‘playoffs’, with a “serious” game this Wednesday against Fenerbahce, although he recalled that only winning the title is worth it .

“We have achieved the objective of this game. I want to congratulate the players, the team, they have made a great effort to get the home field advantage in the ‘playoff’. It is not definitive but it says a lot about the work done in such a Euroleague hard as the one we are playing,” he said at a press conference.

The coach of the whites praised the work of his team to ensure the ‘Top 4’, at the same time that he confessed that they are thinking about possible rivals. “We talk a lot about who it can be, it can be anyone. What is clear is that it will be a very difficult opponent. We have to keep adding, growing and working. The teams are building up in the season. We are being silent at work but we are giving steps forward,” he said.

“We’ve been training since September, with very short-term goals. We’ve been fighting like ants to score victories, it’s not easy. I’m happy because 22 victories, with three games remaining, isn’t worth anything if you don’t get the title, but it says a lot about daily work. This is not the time to stop,” he added.

On the other hand, Mateo referred to the performance this Wednesday, where Madrid was clearly superior. “We played a serious game, working well and on track in the first half. With things to improve defensively, we did so in the second half, greatly lowering Fenerbahce’s percentages. We have three games left and we will continue to give our best to finish as high as possible. We all need everyone. There is no one essential. Being ambitious is the key to keep improving”, he finished.