This Thursday marks 35 months since Aless Lequio died of cancer. In the middle of a media storm for her daughter-granddaughter, whom he cares for in Miami since she came into the world on March 20 thanks to a surrogate, Ana Obregon He has written a precious message to his son: “My Aless: 35 months without you, my life. 35 months living in hell with only one reason to live: to fulfill the three wishes that cancer stole from you.”

Once again, Ana tries to justify her decision to contract a surrogate pregnancy on the other side of the pond (in Spain it is illegal) with the semen samples that her son left before he died, according to her story. He already said it, it was Aless’s wish to become a father, and he repeats it once again this Thursday: “Your foundation is already saving lives. Your wonderful book that you could not finish and I embraced with my words ‘The boy with the shrews’ It’s already in the second edition and it hasn’t gone on sale yet. Your daughter, that princess who has stolen my heart, trading tears for diapers. When I hug her it’s like I’m hugging you again, and that feeling is only can understand a mother or father who have lost a child”.

Ana also apologizes to her son if she did not like something he has done on her behalf: “I hope I haven’t let you down as a mother. You are the love of my life in heaven, and your daughter the love of my life on earth.”