Clemente Lequio follows his father’s example and reacts like this to the birth of his ‘supposed’ niece

Clement Lequio turned 35 on April 2, in the midst of the media tsunami caused by Ana Obregon after the announcement that she had become a mother by surrogate pregnancy and, according to her, using her son’s sperm. The older brother of Aless would be uncle of Ana Lequio Obregón if it is true that the father of the baby is who the actress and presenter says. The Italian has not spoken on the subject and has only spoken to deny a sentence that was attributed to him on Telecinco, where a reporter assured that the firstborn of Alessandro Lequio he was “happy” with the arrival of his niece. Clemente warned that he had not said anything and is even considering taking legal action against whoever put phrases in his mouth that he denies having uttered.

For the rest, he is silent about everything related to his father’s ex, Ana Obregón, he has chosen discretion as a sign of life and does not usually grant interviews. She lives in Miami and in October 2020 we learned that she had been intimately married in the United States and that only her parents were aware of the good news. His wife is called Corbie Gregory and they met shortly after Lequio and Antonia Dell’Atte’s son moved to Florida. The young woman is the manager of the Nobu Hotel Miami Beach and is a privileged mind.

Intelligent, attractive and with a strong character, she is like the hand that rocks Clemente’s cradle, who lets his wife advise him in every move and project he undertakes in his life. Despite residing in the same town where Ana now lives with her granddaughter Anita, who is known about her, she has not come to the apartment where they both live to meet her niece.

The eldest son of Alessandro Lequio maintained a loving relationship with Aless, the brother he lost in May 2020 and who is the biological father of the child born through surrogacy. In fact, Clemente, who is a music composer, wrote a song dedicated to Aless a few days after his death. Its titled Your ángel and he uploaded it to social networks, illustrated with a drawing of his in which two joined hands are seen, one of them blue and located in the sky, while the other, white, grabbed it from the earth.

Corbie and Antonia are mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, but also great friends. The former Armani muse usually travels to Miami several times a year to visit her son and her wife.