Dani Alves dreamed of returning to Barcelona and has done everything on his part to fulfill that wish. In fact, according to Sport, the Brazilian full-back has agreed to have the lowest fixed salary of the entire squad. The defender is aware of the economic situation of the club and that is why his salary is very far from what he received in his first stage at Barça. Nevertheless, Yes, the income you will receive for objectives is substantial if Barça has a good season and he has a prominent role.

Alves' photo

Alves has also yielded as to the duration of the contract. The Brazilian wanted to sign for a calendar year, with a view to the World Cup in Qatar, but finally accepted an agreement until June.

Dani Alves is not the only player in the current squad to come to Barcelona this season with lower salaries than those they received at their previous clubs. Footballers like Eric Garcia, Memphis or Agüero also accepted proposals for the loss of Barça, where variables play a key role.