cancels summer tour due to “tiredness” and “voice problems”

The singer is not lifting his head. After his controversial crusade over the paternity of the baby Gabriela Guillen and a health problem that kept him out of the media spotlight for months, Bertin Osborne He had embraced the summer with enthusiasm. He wanted to return to the stage, feel supported by his audience and earn a little money, which, after admitting that he has a sixth child (who he will have to take care of financially), is coming in handy. However, his plans have gone down the drain, as he himself announced on Tuesday: “I’m worried”.

The ex of Fabiola Martinez He has confessed to journalist Paloma García Pelayo that he has asked his promoter to cancel the musical tour: “He tells me that he is going to stop. That it is very likely that he will cancel Valencia and that he has already spoken with the producer.”. The Sonsoles commentator has confirmed that her health problems have returned: “He is not feeling well. He is tired and has voice problems. He has an appointment with the ENT doctor.” And he conveyed a message from the singer himself: “I’m worried, I feel strange again. I had gotten worse and now I’m not well.”

He also claims that the decision to cancel the tour has nothing to do with ticket sales for his concerts, which were well below expectations. Rumor has it that the controversy with Gabriela Guillén and her refusal to acknowledge the baby during the first few months has affected his public image to the point that in Valencia, where he was scheduled to perform in three weeks, he has only sold 200 of the 2,000 tickets available. This has already happened in Guadalix de la Sierra. The artist cancelled the performance once it had started due to “sound problems,” but other sources said that the real reason was that he had barely managed to gather a hundred people in a bullring that would once have been completely full.

At 69 years old, Bertín was infected with Covid in January and was reinfected two months later. The symptoms persisted and he went to a specialized clinic in Córdoba to strengthen his immune system: “They are giving me vitamins, minerals… I have to take care of myself. They have recommended that I stay calm and rest.”he said then. Taking refuge in his Seville estate, it was his daughters who gave news of their father: “The illness has taken hold, it is a bit annoying and he is weak.”

His property, mortgaged

These health problems are also compounded by economic problems, as Bertín Osborne is not going through his most buoyant moment. As revealed by Readingshis Seville estate is mortgaged for 4.5 million euros: “Everyone has a mortgage, but the problem is when your bad reputation doesn’t allow you to get money to pay off that mortgage.”said Luis Pliego. “The problems with Gabriela have led to the cancellation of many professional commitments. Last week she had a concert with a very small capacity and her campaigns have been cancelled.”