The confession by Alba Carrillo about what Jorge Perez and her they resolved their sexual tension at[person]’s house martha lopez after the famous Unicorn Christmas party, has left the winner of Survivors 2020 and his wife, Alice Penain a very difficult situation.

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And it is that, despite the fact that sources close to the marriage assure that Jorge told his wife everything that had happened as soon as he returned home, Alicia publicly maintained that she believed the first version that Jorge gave: that they had not even kissed with her coworker.

They both remain silent, but Isabel Rabago told this Thursday in Ana Rosa’s program that the Cantabrian woman is “frankly wrong”, although they are “united” and “have not separated for a minute” since the controversy broke out.

The journalist has revealed how difficult the situation is that Alicia “has sent her three oldest children out of Madrid. They have been taken out of school. She is giving herself an image of a sibylline, cold and calculating woman, and it is frankly wrong” . “She was wrong lying in her statement and saying that she had not kissed, but she did it to defend her husband. She has the right to forgive him and live the matter in privacy,” she defended.

“They are absolutely together and he takes responsibility for everything. It is not true that Jorge has left the house, he is with his wife 24 hours a day and he has not lied to Alicia, she knows everything from moment one, but they have spoken of the situation in private,” he revealed.

This Thursday, the couple left their home with their 4-month-old baby and, upon discovering that the press was following them, the collaborator decided to call the police to report what was happening to them. A moment in which, as Isabel has recounted, Alicia became “very nervous”. She is “totally overwhelmed” and suffered an “anxiety state” from the stress of the media manhunt.

In addition, Rábago has made it clear that the leak that Jorge went to Marta López’s house the night of the party does not come from him: “He has no interest in telling what happened nor has the couple drawn up any plan. They are horrified with what is being said and all they have done is issue a statement to say that they are moving forward with their marriage.”