Alex Roca, the first athlete in the world with a 76% physical disability to complete a marathon


Alex Roca has become the first athlete in the world with a 76% physical disability to complete a marathon, a feat he achieved this Sunday by crossing the finish line of the Zurich Marató Barcelona 2023 with a time of 5:50:51 .

Roca, ambassador of the FC Barcelona Foundation and currently the only Nike athlete with cerebral palsy in the world, suffered from herpetic viral encephalitis at six months, which caused cerebral palsy and a 76% disability.

The Catalan decided to prepare to run a marathon and be able to send his message. “The limit is up to you and if you want to achieve an objective, whatever difficulties you have, with attitude, willpower, perseverance and resilience, you can achieve everything you propose. And if you do not achieve it, you will have given everything and you must feel gratified,” he said.

The road has not been easy, he has had many difficulties to find the ideal form of nutrition and hydration during the race, but thanks to a great team of professionals who have accompanied him, he has succeeded. Throughout the journey he has gone hand in hand with YoPro, a brand of products that ensure optimal preparation and good muscle recovery.

In addition, he was accompanied throughout the journey by the most important people in his life: his friends and family, as well as Valentí Sanjuan, an ultra-distance athlete and streamer, who has broadcast the entire race live on his Twitch channel.