After nine years of courtship and four of marriage Jose Ortega Cano y Ana Maria Aldon they finally decided to divorce. The bullfighter’s second wife spent months defoliating the daisy and selling the break in installments on Telecinco.

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even his daughter Egg yolkthe result of a previous relationship of the Sanlúcar, got a media share of the sobadísimas controversies organized by her mother on the sets, which stretched like chewing gum the drama of the end of her marriage with the widower of Rocio Jurado. Gema is also now in Honduras as a contestant on survivors.

But at 45, Aldón is determined to support herself on television and suck from the boat to pay the bills. And the soap opera with the right-handed semen of strength is no longer worth it and she has to get more topics out of her sleeve. Yesterday he said that she had to undergo surgery again for an eye problem: She underwent surgery last Thursday on her left eye for presbyopia.

And this Sunday, in his chain, they have revived interest in her: they say that she has a new illusion. Aldón says that she is not looking for love but that she did not close the doors. Pilar Vidal already said that she could have had a quelque chose with a director of Telecinco and now they appear on Telecinco with which she has been seen inseparable and secluded in a corner and with great complicity with a man named Peter Pizarro and is the physiotherapist of Barcelona and businessman. With that last name, he is sure to be discovered. He has a clinic in Leganés and is the physio for the players of the team from the Madrid town and also from Alcorcón, although he has worked for the Barcelona soccer club. They say that he is fun and modern. And that Ana María had become beautiful.