The comedian from Cádiz practices that type of cloying interview that, with the data in hand, scares the audience. peace padilla had at his feet Omar Montes (34) in Let yourself be loved. The singer from Carabanchel recounted the straits of his childhood of misery before succeeding, but the presenter does not know how to manage that kind of imposture that she tries to fabricate with a permanent smile. There was also the good old basketball player Fernando Romay (63) as a tall guest. The program did not even hook 800,000 viewers, and we are talking about the prime time Telecinco on a Saturday night.

That means hitting rock bottom with a 8.3%, almost three points below the average for the chain and a good distance from the insufferable comedy of 2018 The best summer of my life, which Antena 3 programmed, but which worked thanks to the pull of a very commercial and efficient cast.

Leo Harlem, Toni Acosta, Arturo Valls, Maggie Civantos, Berto Romero o Isabella Ordaz smashed with more than a million and a half viewers not only to Paz Padilla but also to the dying contest of La 1, Cover Night, that TVE had moved to Saturdays, a strategy that has at least made the format gain viewers even if it has not risen from a worrying 6.5% screen share. It is clear that Miguel Bosé, Chanel, Juan Magán y Monica Naranjo fail to seduce and the production of Shine Iberia (Masterchef) has already used the day change wildcard.

The hard childhood of Omar Montes

The singer gave it his all, but peace padilla he did not know how to be effective despite the shocking statements of his interlocutor. ”They threw me off the wall of a cemetery that almost killed me,” said the star of the night to describe what his life was like before he achieved glory. “I was unconscious for 10 minutes,” he said while he asked that every child who suffers bullying give away the bullies. “I grew up in a shack, with my grandmother and my grandfather and my mother. I had my in the middle blue in which they bathed me there in the patio, that all the children saw me bathe, and for me it was normal,” Montes explained. “If, for example, I ate, I didn’t have dinner,” he said. some flats in Carabanchel near the palm trees,” he said.