Alejandra Rubio reveals that she has met her ‘father-in-law’, Carlo Costanzia, and stands up for him: “It all seems awful to me”

Carlo Costanzia of Costigliole took advantage of his time in Spain this weekend to kill two birds with one stone: get a pinch with his interview in Friday! and meet his son’s new girlfriend, Alejandra Rubio. He spoke wonderfully about her on the set of Bea Archidona and Santi Acosta and Terelu’s daughter has returned the gesture by defending him from the accusations of Aurelio Manzano, who claims that the Italian does not want to meet the girl’s family because he considers them “of second category”.

“I met him, everything was great, I liked him phenomenally”said the niece of Carmen Borrego. The smile did not last long, exactly the seconds it took for his colleagues to ask about the supposed animosity of his ‘father-in-law’ towards the Campos: “Surreal things that are said. Man, doing journalism based on inventions that you make at home is a bit embarrassing, honestly”has said.

Alejandra has denied This is life his father-in-law’s alleged comments about his aunt and mother: “It’s completely false. Completely false. And completely absurd. Let’s see, I’m sorry, I’m sorry that they do that, especially for my family and for him, because, come on, the poor guy hasn’t said anything.”. He affirms that the intention of the ‘messenger’ is to have a minute of glory on television: “Well, I don’t know, a little minute of prominence there, inventing a story, well, it’s always a little funny, right? Well, that’s it, it’s the only one.” , that’s the only reason I see.” She trusts Carlo and his family, putting her hand in the fire for them and leaving gossip aside: “He doesn’t think like that and I’ll stick with that, he doesn’t have any problem with my family.”

Makoke insisted on this information: “Carlo never had a relationship with the Campos because he did not like them.” And Alejandra has exploded: “I find that very ugly, I think this is very ugly towards my mother, that the poor thing has done absolutely nothing, nor does she know Carlo at all, nor does Carlo know my mother, and that’s it, it’s a desire to mess the cane in a family that is irrelevant”.

For her part, Carmen Borrego has also come out in his defense: “We have not heard it from Carlo’s mouth, it is something that someone has said, I think that Carlo is super correct in the interview talking about the family. Obviously he talks about my mother, because we all know that Carlo has been a director of this house at the time when my mother was in this house. He doesn’t know us, I don’t think this has come out of Carlo Sr.’s mouth.