Frank de la Jungla: “Rodolfo Sancho and his lawyers should be worrying about other things”

Frank Cuesta has spoken again about the trial against Daniel Sancho and, as always, he has done it without mincing words. The one who was the host of the program Frank from the jungle He has not only referred to the chef, but also to his family. Specifically, to his father, the actor Rodolfo Sancho, who considers taking legal action against the herpetologist for his statements about the case. Cuesta experienced the imprisonment of Yuyee, his ex-wife, in the prisons of Thailand, and that is why he always assures that he speaks for cause.

In the podcast of lawyer Pablo Franco, the former tennis player has given his opinion on the information that lawyer Carmen Balfagón shared in an interview on Telemadrid, ensuring that His client was thinking of suing Cuesta for, among other things, insinuating that the cook’s family had “bought” the “judge or the prosecutor”, since while the sessions were taking place there was talk of a meeting between the representatives of the accused with the Thai authorities responsible for the case.

“I don’t know if Rodolfo has denounced me, but, normally, when you have to file a complaint, you file it and that’s it,” explained the herpetologist, stating that he “doesn’t go to television” to report on a complaint.” “But hey, that’s much better than being torn apart”, he added, with sarcasm. And she has gone further: “My children play soccer, I have raised my children. And this person has raised a son who dismembers. I am very sorry.”

According to Cuesta, “they [la familia de Daniel Sancho] They are there because a member of their family has dismembered a person. It is not known whether he killed him premeditatedly or not, but it is clear that he killed him, dismembered him and threw him in the trash.” So if I say in a live broadcast that Obviously they are going to give him the death penalty or life imprisonment and that is not the case, it is that someone has paid the judge, the prosecutor or someone. Obviously, they are going to give him that penalty,” she pointed out.

The YouTuber is not afraid of this possible lawsuit, since he could also take action against the artist “for defamation”: “I have saved all the clips where they laugh at the king, where they make jokes. Clips in which the lawyers representing the family “They throw shit on television.” “Rodolfo Sancho and his lawyers should be worrying about other things right now and not about what people say on a channel. “Many lives have been screwed in that family, but if they want to do it to me we will go to war.”