Belén Esteban changes her will and surprises her heirs: “I removed someone who should not be there”

The people’s princess has returned to the front line of the media in style. Since the new Quickie Channel program with María Patiño and company premiered (Not even if we were shhh…), Belen Esteban He has not stopped making headlines and as soon as he recovers his media war with María José Campanario and Jesulín de Ubrique, he launches taunts at Terelu Campos or reveals that he has just remade his will: “I’ve changed it several times.”

The first of them, to eliminate a person “who should not be there”; the second, when her daughter Andrea turned 18, because before she “she had a series of guardians who would have looked after her well-being.” Now, the girl who did not want to eat the chicken is already a woman and she has become the universal heir of her mother: “Everything I have is for my daughter”Belén revealed. Her husband, Miguel, will have the legit: “It has to be done well because there are people who are ruined by inheritance,” she said.

A chalet, an apartment and a company

After almost three decades working tirelessly in the media, Belén Esteban has managed to gather a large estate. And her problems with the Treasury cost her “a flat and 700,000 euros”, a sum that she settled in 2018.

The tertuliana is the owner of a 270 square meter chalet with a garden in Paracuellos del Jarama (about 500,000 euros) and also an apartment in Madrid, which she bought for her daughter Andrea, whose market value exceeds 350,000 euros.

In 2021, he launched his company Sabores de la Esteban, with three key products: salmorejo, gazpacho and patatas churreras. The expansion of the business to foreign markets forced it to expand the catalog with vegetable creams, and although the numbers hold up, they are not as rosy as they would like: in 2023, they had a 94% drop in profits, registering only 9,472 euros of profits, unlike 161,986 euros the previous year. Its current liquid assets then stood at 16,040, while in 2022 it had 212,867 euros (data from 2023).