Alejandra de Rojas accepts the law of silence and prepares lawsuits after the ‘Bourbon tsunami’

His name has been this Thursday headline in all the media and linked to that of Don Juan Carlos. At 53 years old, she has been identified as the illegitimate daughter of the emeritus, the result (supposedly) of an extramarital affair between the father of Philip VI and his mother, the Countess of Montarco. His environment has denied it exclusively for Informalia but she has decided, for the moment, to keep silent.

Alejandra de Rojas She has suffered a veritable media tsunami due to her alleged affiliation with the king, although she cannot say that she was caught by surprise: the journalist Ernesto Ekaizer has been trying to contact her for months without success. “For seven months I have tried to speak with Alejandra de Rojas, the daughter that King Juan Carlos I had with Charo Palacios, the Countess of Montarco. I explained to her that my information was that: that is to say that she was the daughter of Juan Carlos I and that the Rey had helped her. But she never answered,” he explained on social networks.

Many wonder why Alejandra has not come forward this Thursday to deny the information and, for that matter, why she did not reply to the journalists’ messages to stop her even before she saw the light. According to Beatriz Cortázar, this is how her lawyers have advised her. The legal strategy is to remain silent in the media and respond where appropriate: in court through a lawsuit.

aristocrat and married

The bomb exploded early in the morning, when the journalists Javier del Olmo and David Fernández have advanced an extract from their book, King Corp. The untold empire of Juan Carlos I in which they assure that the emeritus has an aristocratic daughter named Alexandra. A few more clues pointed to De Rojas; other journalists directly gave his name.

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Informalia He has contacted the businesswoman’s entourage and, although they confirm that there was a romance between the emeritus and the Countess of Montarco, they deny that the emeritus is Alejandra’s father: “She is not the daughter of Don Juan Carlos. It is true that Charo had the king as one of her lovers and she even boasted about it on occasions.” They also tell us that Alejandra Rojas “always knew that her father was not her biological father,” but they attribute that paternity to a “handsome lover of Charo, very good-looking and of Portuguese nationality,” they add. “In the family we all knew that Juan Carlos and Charo saw each other sometimes. She would call him, say: ‘Juanito, we have to see each other,’ she insisted, and we already know that most Bourbons are the way they are,” they explain.