Rudy Fernández: “We have to apologize, let it not happen again”

“Our anxiety has led us to lose both games”


The Real Madrid player Rudy Fernández lamented the row between his teammates and the Partizán players in the closing stages of the whites’ second defeat this Sunday against the Serbs at the WiZink Center, asking all the fans for “forgiveness” and that they talk about “basketball”.

“Congratulate Partizán for these first two games, they have been superior. You have to be aware of how the game has been. They have known how to play us at all times. In the third quarter we have proposed a different defense and they have been surprised. We have tried get us into the game and they have continued to play calmly. Our anxiety has led us to lose both games”, he said at a press conference.

Rudy appeared in a packed room after the abrupt end of the second match, with 1.40 still on the clock, because of a fight that would have disqualified all the players. The Spaniard, who aimed to “fight to the end” despite the 0-2 loss, apologized on behalf of the team and hoped that what happened would stay on the court.

“We have to apologize today to our fans, to all of basketball, for what we have experienced. It does not have to be seen. In this situation, with the pulsations, sometimes there are mistakes. They consider us a friendly team, so do we. Obradovic knows this house very well,” he said.

“I think the tension of the game has to stay today. We hope that the players are well enough to play, that the people enjoy the Euroleague and that it doesn’t happen again. It’s difficult to have a field in favor and that a team like the Partizán has played like us. Punter, Llull, we are here to say that the priority is basketball. Talk about basketball”, he added.

On the other hand, Rudy confessed that he spoke for a while with the Serbian coach, an Obradovic friend. “We have experienced many things together, there is a good connection. We have talked about many things and that is where it stays. This type of situation must be avoided. They are things that go through intensity, character,” he finished.