The truth about María Patiño and the 120,000 euros: the car that denies her version

The Mediaset journalist has been making headlines for two days due to her legal battle with Antonio David Flores in the case of the Malaga cartels. It was published that after dismissing two appeals filed by the defense of Maria Patino, the oral trial was opened and the Galician was forced to deposit 120,000 euros in court as a bail. She categorically denied it: “It’s false.” Now, the car has seen the light.

The document indicates, as published The vanguardthat the opening of an oral trial is ordered for a crime of insults against María Patiño, who assured that Antonio David Flores himself had distributed the ‘Antonio David Maltratador’ posters around Malaga to “victimize himself”.

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The order, dated April 14 by the Investigating Court 34 of Madrid, establishes as a precautionary measure the entry of 120,000 euros by María Patiño as a bail, the same amount that Antonio David had requested as compensation. In other words, the journalist does not have to give the former civil guard anything at the moment, since there has not yet been a trial or sentence, but she does have to deposit the amount claimed by the plaintiff in court. This is a common procedure that guarantees that, in the event of losing the lawsuit, she can face all the expenses that arise: compensation and costs. For this reason, the order indicates that if Patiño does not enter that amount within 24 hours, she will proceed to seize her assets.

“Require the defendant so that within a period of one day provide a bond in the amount of 120,000 euros to ensure civil liabilities that may ultimately be imposed (…) with the warning that if it is not provided, assets will be seized in sufficient quantity to secure the indicated sum,” reads the legal document.

Your lawyer’s explanations

A few hours before the order was made public, Patiño’s lawyer, Ricardo Ibanezspoke with the journalist Joana Morillas on her YouTube channel and denied that her client had to provide any bail pending trial: “The fact that a person files a complaint for libel against María Patiño does not mean that they are going to contribute something, but it is only what he asks for”.

The legal representative also clarified another series of issues: “Secondly, he can ask for 120,000 euros but that does not mean that the judge is going to give it to him even remotely. Third, in this procedure there is no prosecutor and therefore the prosecutor does not accuses, is that there is no prosecutor”. In addition, he assures that Rocío Carrasco’s ex is not achieving what he initially claimed before the courts: “Fourth, he wanted to go for slander and for slander he could not. And for libel, saying that a person believes that they really he or a person close to him could have put up posters, that is not an insult because many people think so, it is an opinion, it is a criticism and, therefore, simply, what María did is tell the position of many parties , of many people. And that’s it”.