Alcorcón and Leganés tied a Madrid derby of many alternatives in which both teams were very fragile in defense and added a point that prolongs their agony by continuing to decline and in a very delicate situation.

The match was broken after two minutes with a penalty from Ivorian Cheick Doukouré, who knocked down Argentine Lucho Vega inside the area. Juan Hernández, from eleven meters, did not miss.

Leganés did not collapse despite the setback suffered as soon as he started and found a reward for his offensive insistence in the 22nd minute with a shot from Panamanian Yoel Barcenás that Dani Jiménez could not stop.

That goal gave way to some good minutes for Leganés, who was able to mark the second with a header from José Arnáiz that Dani Jiménez caught from below and who was the one who supported Alcorcón. In fact, the potter team, despite the little consistency it showed, managed to get ahead again after a center by Venezuelan Víctor García from the right that Juanma Bravo finished off on goal.

That joy did not last long for Alcorcón because just before the break Leganés returned to equalize the contest with a goal from Javi Hernández.

The rest was better for Leganés and once again their efforts were rewarded, in part helped by the ineffectiveness of the pottery defense. A good play on the right ended with a center from Bárcenas into the heart of the area that Arnaiz finished off ahead of Víctor García, who was late for coverage.

The last occasion of the match could have been Leganés’ fourth goal with a header from Borja Garcés, entirely alone after a defensive error, which Dani Jiménez took out almost on the goal line.

With the draw, Alcorcón is still bottom with seven points and Leganés also remains in decline with ten.




Alcorcón: Dani Jiménez; Víctor García (Laure, m.75), David Fernández, Gorosito, Forniés; Escobar (Asencio, m.46); Juan Hernández (Asier Córdoba, m.17), Moyano, Juanma Bravo (Aguilera, m.84), Arribas (Hugo Fraile, m.75); and Lucho Vega.
Leganes: Iván Villar; Palencia, Tarín, Sergio, Bruno González, Javi Hernández; Shibasaki, Doukoure (Eraso, m.39), Fede Vico (Rubén Pardo, m.66); Yoel Bárcenas (Borja Garcés, m.79) and Arnáiz (Luis Perea, m.79).
Goals: 1-0: M.5 Juan Hernández, from a penalty; 1-1: M.22 Bárcenas; 2-1: M.38 Juanma Bravo; 2-2: M.41 Javi Hernández; 2-3: M.63 Arnáiz; 3-3: M.77 Hugo Fraile.
Referee: Dámaso Arcediano Monescillo (Castilian-La Mancha Committee). He admonished Lucho Vega (m.43), Víctor García (54), Forniés (59), Juanma (72), from Alcorcón; and to Bruno (46) and Palencia (69), from Leganés.
Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 11 of LaLiga SmartBank played at the Santo Domingo stadium in front of 3,500 spectators.

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