Alberto Tomé: “Sport is prosperity and in the Community of Madrid we are committed to ensuring that it reaches every corner”


The general director of Sports of the Community of Madrid, Alberto Tomé, stressed this Thursday that around “2.7 million people” carry out sports activities in regional facilities and that nearly half a million participate in “events sponsored or promoted from the Sports Delegation”, and that they are committed to ensuring that sport “reaches every corner”.

“Around 2.7 million people carry out sports activities in Community facilities. In addition, nearly half a million participate in events sponsored or promoted by the Sports Delegation and nearly 4 million attend Community sporting events. In 2023, we organized more than 400 events, of which 46 were at the state, regional or international level, and which involved more than 70 municipalities,” commented Alberto Tomé at the closing ceremony of the II Edition of the Bussines Sport Forum organized by MARCA and Expansion.

The general director of Sports of the Community of Madrid said that these figures are “a flying goal” from which they start to “continue working” from grassroots sport with “the Federations, the athletes, and the clubs and associations to the most high level”.

“In this home of sport that is the Community of Madrid, we are going to continue betting on making the best sport, because we already know that it is a winning bet for the citizens, for the Community, and for Spain,” Tomé pointed out.

The leader recalled that sport is “prosperity.” “That is why in the Community we are committed to reaching all corners of our region, no matter what type of people they are, their abilities or their social level,” he said.

Regarding the forum organized by MARCA and Expansión, Tomé described it as “necessary” to be able to continue delving into the “development possibilities” that sport continues to offer, since it “has no limits” and is “open, integrative, diverse , creative” and “one of the best exercises of freedom.”

“In the Community we know that, as our president says, sport is the best school of life. It helps us take care of ourselves and our own health and that of our society. It transmits values ​​that dignify our activity and aspirations such as effort, self-improvement, discipline, empathy, solidarity and respect for the opposite,” expressed Alberto Tomé.

Finally, the General Director of Sports of the Community wanted to wish luck to the athletes, especially those from Madrid, who in just over a month will participate in the Paris Olympic Games: “Their dreams are everyone’s dreams.”