Cristina Pedroche’s shocking confessions about motherhood and postpartum: “Dabiz told me I needed therapy”

I’m excited“, has admitted Cristina Pedroche with teary eyes when picking up the microphone. Accustomed to becoming news for her particular clothing while she recites the twelve bells at Puerta del Sol, the one from Vallecas makes her debut in the publishing world with Thanks to feara literary nude that has little or nothing to do with the one offered every night on December 31.

This time, Cristina goes further. Through 221 pages, the all-terrain woman that we all know leaves her biggest fear on the shelf of any bookstore: not being able to be a good mother. “The problem with motherhood is that all the fears come at once“, the Atresmedia star admitted this Thursday at the presentation of her first book. In her debut as a writer, Pedroche speaks without embellishment about the postpartum and acknowledges the fears she feels after the birth of her daughter Laia. “When he was born I tried not to let too many people come to see me because I didn’t feel comfortable. I still feel very vulnerable because I don’t want anyone to catch the girl.“he confessed.

To digest the change that comes with being a mother, the presenter turned to therapy thanks to her husband Dabiz Muñoz, which encouraged him to take that first step. “Dabiz told me I needed therapy“, he stated. And the journalist and the chef have been together for a decade, enough time to even share a therapist.”I told David that I wanted a session with his psychologist. I talked to her and he told me there was no problem. She doesn’t usually take partners, but he understands my fear of exposing myself to another therapist“, he pointed out.

Although Pedroche’s morning consisted of talking about the ins and outs of her new book, the model also took time to clarify that Dabiz has been a support in this new process. “Dabiz is an incredible partner in all aspects. When I met him, I knew he was going to be my person forever. No matter how much my fears were, he couldn’t solve them. He has a lot of patience. I am very grateful and every day more in love with Dabiz“, he declared.

After talking about her own and acknowledging that she still deals with demons that scream at her that she is not a good enough mother, Cristina confesses: “I would love to give birth again. I have never felt so powerful“.