Ana Duato wants “the truth” to come out: she reappears “calm” despite her alleged tax crimes

News related to Ana Duato. The trial for the Nummaria case began last Tuesday, drawing a worrying future for the actress: she faces a sentence of 32 years in prison, accused of committing seven tax crimes and defrauding the Treasury of 1.9 million euros in payment. of personal income tax between 2010 and 2017. However, this Thursday it emerged that their infractions may not be considered a tax crime.

A report prepared by the Tax Agency maintains that the amounts that the interpreter had allegedly defrauded in three of those seven years – specifically between 2014 and 2017 – would not reach the figure of 120,000 euros to be considered a tax crime. Good news for the protagonist of Tell me how it happenedwho, unlike his companion and friend Imanol Ariashas refused to reach an agreement in accordance with the Prosecutor’s Office, convinced that she will be able to prove her innocence in the litigation that is expected to last until next September.

This Thursday, the artist reiterated her innocence and revealed to the press how she is and how she took the Treasury report that brings her closer to her innocence. “I’m fine, calm down. I tell you the same thing I told you eight years ago, those hard eight years. “I still believe in justice, fortunately.”has recognized Europa Press.

The interpreter has assured that after this report from the Tax Agency there is still “many things are going to come out”. “Really, when this moment comes, you have the peace of mind that the truth is going to come out. You will know,” he added, without doubting that he will be able to prove his innocence.

Furthermore, Duato has spoken for the first time about the agreement that Imanol Arias has reached with the Prosecutor’s Office, in which he admits his guilt: “I think it’s everyone’s decision, it’s everyone’s decision. I’m going to leave you because I have these gentlemen waiting for me. I really appreciate all your interest, I really appreciate it,” he concluded.