Alberto Díaz: “The Centennial Tournament is a good set-up to see what details we are missing”


The base of the Spanish team Alberto Díaz is clear that the next matches against Slovenia and the United States of the Centennial Tournament will be “good to see at what level” the team is weeks away from debuting in the World Cup in Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia.

“I think these are good games to see what level we are at, what we have to improve against teams that are candidates for everything in the World Cup. I think it is a good set-up to see the details that we are missing,” Díaz said after the training.

The man from Malaga expects “a very tough match” this Friday against Slovenia, a rival “with very talented players.” “I think it’s going to be not only a very physical game, but also a very tactical one, in which we have to be very aware of the stars they have like Luka (Doncic). I think it’s going to be a game that will demand the max,” he warned.

The base also confessed that on a personal level this concentration is “different”. “I’ve been filming for longer than last year. Last summer I did leave in the first cut and now I’ve been filming for longer, but the illusion and desire are the same. I come here to win my position, to fight, to help the team and my head is still in the same place”, he stressed.

Finally, Alberto Díaz was happy to play in Malaga. “I think it is a special moment for Málaga, a party that is also held on this date. I think the Centenary Tournament is very special because there are many people from abroad who can enjoy basketball at the first level. I think the differences have been mixed. two things and it’s wonderful”, he remarked.