The networks mock Albert Rivera after his photos with actress Aysha Daraaui eating his ear: “It sucks”

This Wednesday a great stir was generated with the new images of Albert Rivera with the Catalan actress of Moroccan origin Aysha Daraaui during his days in Ibiza. The former leader of Ciudadanos appears on the cover of a weekly, letting himself be loved by the interpreter. She appears eating his ear.

The image is giving a lot to talk about on social networks: “I don’t know about you, but I see Albert Rivera as the next signing of survivors. The photo is disgusting…”, “Albert Rivera will go down in history because they sucked his ear in the pool. He got what he deserves and sowed “or” The other day I threw away a slice of turkey breast, which had expired for a week in the fridge, looking better than Albert, “wrote some users.

The first photos of both came to light last week and also corresponded to their day off on Pitiusa Island. On that occasion they were already showing a complicit attitude but the actress denied being someone special in Albert’s life: “There is no relationship, it is news based on speculation and malicious images taken out of context.”

The lawyer, moreover, was annoyed in front of the press when we asked him about it: “But what question is that? I never talk to the gossip press, nor about my life. I have never done it nor will I do it.” . Tamara Gorro, a friend of his, also denied it: “From this program we completely deny that Albert Rivera is with Aysha, that he is his partner or any other woman, it is false.”

The photos of the former politician with the actress came after the break between him and Malú was confirmed at the end of June. “I am the way I am and I am who I am because of all my great mistakes and great successes throughout my life. Without a doubt, my ‘great battle’ has been to be at peace with myself,” said the interpreter of black and white in their first interview after confirming the breakup. The interview was musical-themed, although his words were interpreted with a double meaning. Together they have the little one Lucywho was born in June 2020.