Aitana surprises and shares an image of Yatra after the kiss was caught in Ibiza

Aitana Ocana y Sebastian Yatra They appeared on the cover of a weekly on Wednesday, melting into a passionate kiss during their vacation in Ibiza. Hours after the catch, the singer of butterflies she shared on Instagram spectacular bikini poses from the same yacht, which between the lines can be interpreted as a form of response to the magazine.

At night, the former triumph went one step further by posting an image of Yatra in stories. She is very reserved with her private life, so she did not share a picture of the two together, but a photo in which the singer of Red high heels with the rest of the friends who accompany him. Neither she nor he wants the focus to focus on her relationship, but on her artistic career.

This is the first summer they have spent together since they began their relationship. The two enjoy the hot August in Ibiza, where the temperature and the environment have nothing to do with big capitals like Madrid.

The relationship of the two is going through an excellent moment. So much so that they are also sharing this vacation on Pitiusa Island with family members. A few weeks ago, they were also in Colombia, his homeland, to where her parents also traveled, Belen y Cosme.

Both are squeezing the maximum these days. In their busy artist schedules, it is sometimes difficult to match vacations and days off. Luckily, both have taken a few weeks to enjoy their days off together and also the people they love. Yatra will return to the stage on August 14 in Peru, while Aitana, on October 1, will resume her Alpha tour in Valencia.