Alba Carrillo, victim of the fury of ‘Save me’ after giving them a stand: “On top of charging…”

Lucia Pariente’s daughter has decided not to participate in the gala of the Mediafest Night Fever this Friday. Alba Carillo alleges that a very “complicated” week has passed and that his scandal with Jorge Perez it is taking its toll on a personal level, so he prefers to “rest”.

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This was announced this Thursday in Save mewhere they have shown their indignation at the sit-in of the model and have launched against her for her “lack of professionalism and responsibility”.

“On Monday the program team starts talking to her, to let her know that she’s going to sing with WRS, the artist who represented Romania in Eurovision. She begins to cause problems, she begins to tell us that it has been a very difficult week for her, that she is not feeling well, that everything is taking its toll on her. From the management team they ask her to calm down, that she can sing another song if she feels more comfortable, that we understand the moments she is going through, “said an editor of the musical show.

“During Tuesday we don’t have any kind of contact with her, and it was last Wednesday afternoon when she told us that she doesn’t want to sing with him or with any other singer, that she doesn’t want to participate in Mediafest, who wants to retire from television. She has decided to step away and is receiving pressure from her environment to leave television. She doesn’t feel strong enough to continue at Mediafest,” she added.

Then, the collaborators were showing their anger with Carrillo one by one. “It seems to me a total lack of professionalism, but it says a lot about the state Alba is in. I think she should take her problems really seriously and put herself in good hands once and for all,” he said. carmen borrego.

“Alba is not right, she does not know what it costs to make a television program because she comes, puts on makeup and talks a little, but here there is a lot of work behind in many different areas for her to shine in her performance. On top of that, she earns a very inferior to yours, half of half of half. I think it would have to be more professional,” he complained. Kiko Hernandez.

Criticism was joined Adela Gonzalez: “It seems unprofessional to me. We are always talking about taking care of our mental health and all that, something that is phenomenal, but if you already know that you are not going to go, what you have to do is notify us in advance because there is a lot of work behind each gala. It’s unprofessional. He also did it pipi road: “You have to be tough and mature. When it suits him, he comes and is phenomenal, but when it doesn’t, he leaves people behind with all the work behind it. It seems to me an act of total irresponsibility.” At the gala this Friday, Alba’s replacement will be Ivan Gonzalez: “We have had to urgently look for a substitute who is up to her.”