The Carrillo bomb exploded this Thursday in the Fresh. On one side, Alba has confessed that he “resolved” his sexual tension with Jorge Perez after denying it actively and passively since last Saturday. And, on the other, it has also uncovered the infidelity of rivera channels to his girlfriend, Isabel Marquez.

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“I’m glad you finally worked after so many days. The tito thing went wrong and you ran to TV. You get involved again, if you were so in love, what are you doing going back to sleep with me when I’m with her?” the model.

The bullfighter went this Wednesday to Save me and insinuated that what happened with Jorge was the fault of Alba’s “provocations”, which made him explode: “There have been more meetings, liar. And I never sell anyone, all the paparazzi know, because when I I wanted to do an exclusive, I’ve done it and I’ve gone to a photocall and I’ve said it. I haven’t had to sell to anyone and if I have to say that I’ve been with someone, it’s not with you, channels, you’re a stain on my jersey”.

“Be careful because I’ll dismantle what you have with Toledo as soon as I do so because what you’ve told a friend and me about the woman you love so much… You’re a liar and if you talk about me again, I’ll I dismantle the beach bar and you have to end up leaving Toledo!” Carrillo warned him.