Carla Vigo leaves unemployment thanks to the rescue of Los Javis. Javier Calvo y javier ambrosi they will have the niece of the queen letizia in his new series, dressed in bluetelevision adaptation of the novel of the same title by Valeria Vegaswhich deals with the social and cinematographic analysis of transsexuality in the period of the democratic Transition.

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Through the circumstances that surrounded the protagonists of the series, Eva, Loren, Tamara, Josette, Nacha y Renée, it investigates aspects such as prostitution, entertainment, social exclusion or oppressive laws. Her lives are also those of many other women for whom democracy was not always synonymous with freedom.

Carla’s employment and economic situation was unsustainable. With no income and no job, she breaks off her romantic relationship with her boyfriend, she has been staying at friends’ houses lately. We saw her distributing propaganda to get some money, but, according to a person very close to the twenty-year-old reveals to us, “she is having a very bad time, very low spirits, and desperate to find work. Her aunt visited her a few days ago henar was a recursive, because he has no contact with his aunts Letizia and ThelmaNot even with her cousins. She feels very lonely.”

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In the series in question, he will play the character of Katy, an employee of a publishing house. It is scheduled to be incorporated into filming in the second half of December.