The soap opera of the weekend continues and it also gets complicated. If yesterday a witness affirmed that there were more and stronger images between Alba Carrillo y Jorge Perez During the Unicorn party last Friday, this Tuesday they assure that the night did not end there: the model and the former civil guard continued the ring outside the disco.

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According to Miguel Frigenti, this has only just begun: “Let Jorge and Alicia, his wife, get ready, because there is much more information that is going to come out these days.” And he has thrown a little bomb: “Alba went to Marta López’s house and shortly after Jorge arrived to put out the fire that had been lit during the party”. The chatter of Save me He has advised Alicia to calculate the hours that elapsed between the time her husband left the party and arrived at her house. “I leave it there…”.

a few hours before, Alba Carrillo spoke at length about everything that is happening since it’s already noon. She is very upset by the lies that are leaking: “We have not seen each other in a hotel, as Avilés has said, and my lawyers are already studying the pertinent measures to defend the dignity of my family, which is my son and me.” The model has also revealed that she is very disappointed with Jorge: “I sent him some very loving words on Sunday and I think he is saying things behind my back that I don’t like at all. We have a pending conversation.”

To settle, she has made it clear that she is single and that she has not done anything wrong: “I am up to my nose in dramas. Everyone does this and I am free. We are going to stop making saints and pointing out, because I do not I don’t have to explain myself to anyone.”