Alavés-Athletic Club: statistics and previous data


Deportivo Alavés plays the sixth day of LaLiga EA Sports at home against Athletic Club this Friday at 9:00 p.m., a match they arrive at after having lost against Rayo Vallecano, failing to add a point to the 6 points they have in the league. competition, in which he is in 14th position.

For its part, its rival this day, Athletic Club, occupies 4th position and has 10 points, after adding three more points by beating Cádiz on the last day.

We review some of the statistics of both teams prior to the match:


In the offensive section, Athletic Club improves Alavés’ records in goals per game, with 1.8 goals per game for the former compared to 1 for the latter. In terms of the quality of the scoring chances generated, Alavés also surpasses Athletic Club with 0.9 expected goals compared to 1.5, according to Driblab statistics consulted by Europa Press.

In total, on average, Alavés has taken 11 shots per game so far in the competition, compared to 11.6 for Athletic Club. Of them, 2.6 were between the three clubs in the case of Alavés and 4.2, in the case of Athletic Club.

So far in the League, Athletic Club has better offensive numbers than Alavés with 22.2 actions in the opponent’s area per game compared to 17.8 for its rival. In terms of ball handling, Alavés has a record of 46% so far in the competition, compared to 53% for Athletic Club.


*Alavés Athletic Club offensive statistics

*Goals per game 1 1.8

*Expected goals 0.9 1.5

*Shots 11 11.6

*Shots on goal 2.6 4.2

*Actions in rival area 17.8 22.2

*% success in passes 70% 79%

*% ball possession 46% 53%

*Passes per possession 2.1 3.5

*Centers 22.6 23.6


In the defensive section, Alavés is better than Athletic Club in duels won (51% compared to 44%). Furthermore, in the specific case of aerial duels, Alavés is victorious in 56% of them, compared to 43% for Athletic Club.

On average, Alavés has received 1.4 goals and 11 shots per game, compared to the 0.8 goals and 11.6 shots received by Athletic Club. In terms of pressure, Alavés manages to recover the ball in the opponent’s field on average 13 times per game, while Athletic Club does so on 14 occasions.


*Defensive statistics Alavés Athletic Club

*Duels won 51% 44%

*Aerial duels won 56% 43%

*Goals received 1.4 0.8

*Auctions received 13.2 10.8


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