Shakira does not abandon the drama after her devastating new song: “I believed in ‘until death do us part'”

Shakira has granted a new interview, the first after publishing The boss, a song that he shares with the Mexican group Fuerza Regida and in which he launches a devastating blow: “There is still my ex-father-in-law who does not step into a grave.” The singer from Barranquilla, in her conversation with Billboardtalks again about the situation with the father of her children, Gerard Piqué.

“My biggest dream was to raise my children with their father, have a family. Overcome problems, obstacles… and grow old next to someone. I already know that I am not going to have that,” he lamented. In this sense, she added: “I believed in ‘until death do us part’.”

The interpreter of Session 53 He continues to delve into his personal drama: “When a family is destroyed, I believe that there is nothing that can compensate for that pain.” Music is being a therapy for her, so she does not close the door to new songs talking about her painful sentimental process. And there are already quite a few… “I’m still exorcising some demons. The last ones I have left.”

On how she combines her role as a mother and global artist, the singer of Torture She adds: “Being a single mother, and continuing with this pop star rhythm, I think it’s not compatible sometimes.” However, she thinks that she wants to give the best of lives to her children, Milan and Sasha: “But apart from that I have to invoice.” For all this and for her artistic passion, she does not consider stopping at this critical moment in her legendary career: “It’s going to be difficult to get off the stage,” she says.