Arantxa Sánchez Vicario was under threat of kidnapping: the threatening envelope that her father received in 2001

Just a week ago, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario He reached an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office to avoid prison. Very topical due to her problems with the law, an alarming event that the tennis player’s family experienced at the end of 2001 has come to light: the tennis champion was under threat of kidnapping.

The tennis player’s father received calls and an envelope with photographs that demonstrated exhaustive monitoring of the athlete through the streets of Barcelona. At that time, Sánchez Vicario lived with her parents in Barcelona. “They were photographs of her walking with people from her closest circle. They knew all of her routines. This alerted Arantxa’s father,” they said on Susanna Griso’s program this Friday. The envelope was sealed in Colombia.

Before receiving this letter, Emilio received several calls. They even asked him for 500 million pesetas. Andrés Guerra, the journalist who reported this information in The vanguard, has assured that the tennis player’s father kept this news a secret, without sharing it with the tennis player and the rest of her family. Until more than two decades later she has not emerged publicly. In Public mirror They have assured that Arantxa could be finding out about this terrible threat through the press.

Emilio, Arantxa’s father, did report what happened to a senior police officer. The case was transferred to Group 1 of Organized Crime, although they were unable to find those responsible. However, the family did not receive any more threats towards the three-time Roland Garros champion.