Less than 24 hours after releasing his new album, Alpha, the artist has placed herself in the Trending Topic and not precisely because of her music. This Wednesday, the father She was involved in a confrontation in the middle of the street with the father of a fan who called her “disgusting” and “shitty.” She, of course, did not sit idly by: “I ask for a little respect.”

Everything happened at the doors of the set The Anthillthe Pablo Motos program to which Pablo’s girlfriend Sebastian Yatra came as a guest. Dozens of fans were waiting for her to ask for autographs and photos but it was impossible to attend to them all, so Aitana proposed a joint photo. The father of one of the girls snapped: “Disgusting, shit, you did the same thing last time.”

Aitana, far from avoiding the conflict, confronted the man very politely: “I only ask that you have a little more respect. I stop whenever I can, this is not good for you to say, because whenever they ask me for a photo on the street or wherever, I always take it. I only ask for respect “. Aitana’s reaction has been widely applauded on social networks: “What an example of a father for his daughter. Aitana has been quite polite because regardless of whether she stops or not, no one has to call her anything”, “I would like to know if the guy is “I would call a singer or a footballer disgusting and shitty.”